To Every Tribe targets primarily the unreached peoples of Papua New Guinea and Mexico.  We also have a developing ministry among Muslim immigrants in a large U.S. city.  The following positions will require the successful completion of our Center For Pioneer Church Planting or its equivalency.


Long-term church planting opportunities in Mexico and Papua New Guinea are much the same.  This is a partial list of the cross-cultural workers needed:


  • Church planters that have experience in discipleship and leadership training; fluent in Spanish (Mexico) and Melanesian Pidgin (PNG)
  • Ethnographers (ones trained in doing ethnographic research to locate, identify and gather data pertaining to the remaining unreached peoples)
  • Ethno-Musicologists (ones trained in how to “redeem” native forms of music for more meaningful worship in the host culture)
  • Linguists / Bible Translators
  • Support Personnel (those to assist bush missionaries with needed supplies)
  • Pilot / Airplane Mechanic (a need for the future)

Long-term church planting opportunities exist among U.S. Muslim immigrants for:

  • Church planters that have extensive knowledge of Islam and experience working among Muslims

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